Sustainability in 2023 - Tank cleaning

Energy crisis: This is seriously felt in the tank cleaning market. Just consider the effects of price increases of important resources like natural gas and electricity. The search for sustainable energy alternatives got an extra boost.

New Dry Bulk cleaning - Freund Kerpen (DEU)

With more than 225 truck combinations, Freund is a well-known player in the field of dry bulk transport. Recently a completely new dry bulk cleaning facility was commissioned at the headquarters in the German city of Kerpen. The new cleaning station consists of two bays for interior cleaning and in addition two drying bays.

Milestone 9/10: Gröninger celebrates in 2022

Whoever celebrates its birthday, should treat ;). This year, we are celebrating our 75th anniversary, a number to be proud of. We expressed this in and around our office in Rotterdam, but we also paid a lot of attention to this jubilee year online. No one could have missed it.

Milestone 8/10: Gröninger Global developments from 2018

In 2018 was the establishment of the Joint Venture Groninger (Shanghai) Cleaning Technology Co.Ltd. in China. In 2018 was also the established Joint Venture Groninger Cleaning Systems Inc. (Director, Garth Belue) in Houston, Quala became the first US customer. Despite the restrictions in 2020, a new branch was opened in Worms (Germany).