Fully automatic container cleaning - Cotac Mannheim (DEU)

Fully automatic container cleaning Cotac Mannheim Hoyer Group Groninger

Fully automatic container cleaning

Cotac has been cleaning IBCs and stainless steel containers at the Mannheim site for many years. Many of the products transported in these containers find their way into the pharmaceutical industry. To safeguard the quality of the cleaning and to make cleaning less labor intensive, Gröninger has designed, built, and commissioned a fully automatic container cleaning system for Cotac.

Purify released vapors

The system is equipped to process various container formats. A forklift truck places the container on the stainless steel chain conveyor. Next, the container is moved automatically through different sections. The section where residual product is removed is connected to an air purification system, where the released vapors are purified.

Drying or sterilization

Both the exterior and interior cleaning are carried out in a closed, fully automated booth. The associated high-pressure technology is built in a 20ft container. Stickers are removed very quickly using a 500 bar spray gun. Afterwards, the containers are dried with hot air and/or sterilized using steam.

Reporting tool

Cleaning and process data are processed by a PLC, exported as files, and digitally sent to the customer’s systems. This means that the cleaning history of a container can always be referred to when asked for.