Expansion: new cooperation in Poland

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Cooperation in Poland

Since January 1st, 2023, Dawit and Gröninger Cleaning Systems B.V. have reached an understanding to jointly serve the Polish tank cleaning market.

Dawit has been active in Poland for over 30 years and has extensive experience in commercial carwash equipment, wastewater treatment chemicals and sand distribution systems. The company is working out of Gdynia and has a service network that covers the entire country.

In recent years the tank cleaning market in Poland has grown significantly and by joining forces, Dawit and Gröninger are able to bring internationally proven top cleaning technology close to Polish customers. In the market approach Dawit will be the first point of contact for customers and it will provide the first-line service support and assist in the local commissioning of products. Gröninger will engineer and build the systems and will do the remote service.

Gröninger has its head office in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and has subsidiaries and dealers in Germany, North America, Singapore, India and China. And now also in Poland.

Let’s clean (y)our world!