CASE: Drying, a crucial step in the cleaning proces

Dyring in the tank cleaning water steam

Drying: a crucial step in the cleaning process

It will come as no surprise that a tank is wet after cleaning with water and/or steam. Often that’s not a problem. In fact, sometimes it is even desirable that a tank remains moist. However, there are also products that do not tolerate water well, so the tank must be dried after cleaning.

Electric air heating

Gröninger’s Drypack, which has been available for years, is a modular system that consists of filters, a heating element, and a fan. The system traditionally used steam or hot water to heat the air, but an alternative was developed last year that heats the air using electrical power. The hot air is blown into the tanks through stainless steel pipes, ensuring that they leave the cleaning bay completely dry and ready for the next loading location in just a few minutes after cleaning.

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