Milestone 8/10: Gröninger Global developments from 2018

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Global developments from 2018

Since the founding of Gröninger Asia Pte. Ltd. and with Amfico's agency in India, Gröninger has been active in Asia since 2011. 2018 also was the establishment of the Joint Venture Groninger (Shanghai) Cleaning Technology Co.Ltd. in China. In the same year, the first tank cleaning service in China was sold to the conglomerate Cosco.

On the other side of the world (USA) there was also a great collaboration this year. Through the established Joint Venture Groninger Cleaning Systems Inc. (Director, Garth Belue) in Houston, Quala became the first US customer. The spreader technology (patented) in combination with high-pressure technology made it possible for Quala to carry out cleanings in half the usual time.

The Gröninger working area became global and #TeamGroninger increasingly international.

In 2019, our Support Beyond Cleaning program was launched.

At the beginning of 2020, the world changed because of Covid. This had a huge impact on international business operations due to the many (travel) obstacles. Remote services became the norm: the project at Cosco was commissioned 100% remotely with the help of the JV partner.

Despite the restrictions in 2020, a new branch was opened in Worms (Germany).

Due to all the developments, digital working became 'the standard' and business processes were adapted to the new situation. The cloud-based reporting tool for tank cleaning is an example of this.