First fully CO2-neutral tank cleaning in Europe - Boonzaaijer Ede (NLD)

First fully CO2-neutral tank cleaning in Europe

First fully CO2-neutral tank cleaning in Europe!

Rob Boonzaaijer runs a well-established bulk transport company from a strategic location between the A30 and A12. He recently constructed a new building with 800 solar panels, to be used for storage and transshipment of bulk goods. With solar generated power the first fully electric tank cleaning in Europe has become a reality.

Generating electricity is the first step, but storage of power is clearly a next step challenge. With plug-in heating elements, the generated electricity is converted into hot water and then stored in a buffer tank. In this form the energy is available any time. The heating of air for the drying process of tanks is also taken care of fully electric.

With the new system about six - mainly self-owned - vehicles can be cleaned per day. Although that number still seems limited, it clearly shows that the electrification of the tank cleaning industry has started with Boonzaaijer being the pioneer.