Tank Cleaning depot GDS (Jubail) finally kicks off

Tank Cleaning Depot GDS

After years of preparation, licensing and construction, the time has finally come; the Global Depot Solutions (GDS) depot is operational. The new full-service depot is located in Jubail - Saudi Arabia and has six cleaning positions.

The majority of the cleaning can be carried out with an efficient 'standard' 100 bar high pressure system. This allows four tanks to be cleaned at the same time using PLC-controlled programs. For the special work, GDS has two heavy-duty washing bays at its disposal.

Right next to the new depot is the Sadara chemical complex. MDI and TDI are produced and shipped in and from this complex. MDI and TDI are very difficult to remove from tanks after shipment. One of the solutions is the application of very high pressure. For this application Gröninger included an 800 bar hydro blasting system which, in combination with a rotor jet, removes the product from the tank with coarse force.

A circulation machine is included for cleaning dried latex and synthetic resins. The products are chemically dissolved and safely removed from the tank.

Waste water is collected and purified in a physical/chemical and biological installation. The water purified has such a good quality that it can partly be used again as pre-rinsing water. Excess water is discharged or used for irrigation.