Control Cabinets refurbished - Tank cleaning

Control Cabinets refurbished

Many tank cleaning systems that have been built in the last decades still run on the original controls. The aging of the control systems lead to the following risks:

  • The control cabinets are situated in humid environments and have to endure a lot. Panels and components may not or hardly be available anymore.
  • Time may have caused cables to become brittle.
  • PLCs of the specific model may be difficult to obtain. In case of a PLC failure this may lead to long down-times.
  • The PLC software is outdated and not very flexible.
  • Etc.

In addition, the ongoing digitalization demands more transparency of the cleaning process. New operating systems can offer this transparency and offer many possibilities for linking data. But the question is: how do you replace a complete control system without downtime?

In the past year, Gröninger has replaced the entire control systems at different customers, both at home and abroad. Control cabinets, PLCs, cabling, software, everything has been replaced. These 'open-heart-surgeries’ require thorough preparation and project planning. Overrun means downtime and downtime means (reputation) damage.

Each project had its own challenges. One could be out of the air for two weeks because the floors were being replaced and the other had to maintain part of the control cabinet. The conversions have all been done successfully and within the agreed timeframe. Our refurbished customers are future-proof again and can serve their customers even better.

If you want to know more about the possibilities for your installation? Contact Ferenc Methorst or Joost Kasbergen by e-mail: