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Update coronavirus

Dear Business partner,

We live in exceptional times. The effects of governments’ actions to limit and/or delay the spread of the Coronavirus are being hard felt.

At Gröninger Cleaning Systems the health of both our customers and employees is our top priority. We will therefore will follow the guidelines advised by RIVM, the Dutch advisory board on pandemic diseases. We will try our utmost though to help our customers up and running with their cleaning equipment.

Service & Maintenance for our machines

Planned maintenance can continue as far as we are concerned. Our mechanics will work carefully at your location and pay extra attention to hygiene. We expect our customers to provide a clean and hygienic working environment for our personnel.

If you want, we can also pick up the mobile cleaning equipment to do the service or maintenance in our workshop.

Would you prefer to change your appointment or do you want us to pick up your machine? Then please send an e-mail to support@groninger.nl

Our showroom is still open, but with the necessary measures to make sure the necessary distances are kept. Obviously, please do not visit us if you have any signs of coughing, fever or nose cold. Please contact us by phone or e-mail: support@groninger.nl

Support Tank cleaning (international)

Appointments abroad in western Europe continue. However, this will be assessed on a daily basis of what the RIVM and the Government advise. Of course, remote support will continue to help our customers across borders as much as possible.

If anything changes from the RIVM and/or the Government, we will update this post. If you have any further questions, please let us know.

Let's do everything we can to limit the spread this virus. Take good care of yourself and the people around you.

On behalf of the management team,

Gröninger Cleaning Systems B.V.