Phenomenal tank cleaning Van Moer - Antwerp (BEL)

Phenomenal tank cleaning Van Moer Groninger

Phenomenal tank cleaning

Van Moer Logistics is rightfully so a phenomenon in Belgium and far beyond. Within one generation, this company - founded by Jo van Moer - has grown from a single truck operator into a large and leading logistics company. Branches throughout Belgium and also Germany are managed from the head office at Antwerp Linkeroever. This well-designed head office was built about fifteen years ago. At this site adjacent to the ports of Antwerp a major cleaning facility was erected, consisting of numerous cleaning bays and technical buildings.

With the increasing professionalization of the Van Moer group, the call for modernization and upgrading of the 15-year-old cleaning facility grew louder. Autumn 2020 Gröninger was awarded the project to bring the complete tank cleaning up to maximum operational standards. Together with Van Moer’s technical team, a plan was made to modernize everything while guaranteeing productivity during the works. After all, Van Moer’s customers are supposed to only benefit from the conversion.

The works were completed at the beginning of 2022 and the result is quite impressive. Eight cleaning bays have been built onsite. Two separately operating pump rooms ensure a system that works as a whole and at the same instance offers optimal redundancy. Many ‘sustainability’ elements have been integrated in the design and an air purification system is placed as well. Products with odorous substances can be cleaned too. Latexes and resins are handled on a special track. The system is operated with an ultra-modern, remotely supported control system. Both process and management data are made available via the cloud.

Gröninger is delighted to be able to support Van Moer’s in pursuing pan-European ambitions as a partner in cleaning technology.

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