Milestone 4/10: Gröninger Seventies

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The Seventies

Although many parts like pumps and rotor jets were originally sourced from Kärcher, Ralph Gröninger in his drive for excellence and focus on technology, started integrating many other components from OEMs like Speck pumps. He also developed the orginal concept for the high-pressure heat exchanger, which was built for Gröninger by AFA-Aalsmeer.

Step by step he improved the fully integrated system up to the standards he had in mind. The Gröninger archives still have many drawings, sketches and pictures with the designs from the one and only tank cleaning pioneer, Ralph Gröninger. The way he set up the systems still forms the backbone of current systems manufactured by Gröninger. Of course his ideas were copied, even by Kärcher, but as a company Gröninger has retained the leading edge and remains the industry front runner.

In the seventies the transport business flourished and many other tank transport companies started ordering modern tank cleaning systems from Gröninger. The technology of integrated cleaning systems was further applied into in-plant cleaning systems for food, non-food and chemical industries but also applied to clean vehicles and special equipment.