Milestone 5/10: Gröninger the eighties to early 2000s

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The eighties to early 2000s

The technical backbone of Gröninger's current cleaning systems has been formed in the seventies. In the eighties there was a fast growth in sales of cleaning systems in numerous applications within the Benelux: tank cleaning, barrel cleaning, IBC cleaning, in-plant cleaning, truck wash, spray gun systems, chassis cleaning, container cleaning, railcar cleaning, etc.

The demand for cleaning systems grew and Gröninger as a company continued to develop in a rapid pace.

In 1996 Mainpro TRS, the first quality validation system in the tank cleaning business, was introduced at Van de Brug and Eikelenboom. In the years that followed, this system was further developed into the current cloud-based version, which is called Cleaning Guard.

Gröninger systems were not just used to clean tanks with chemicals and foodstuffs. A special technical solution was developed for cleaning tanks with latex. The first latex cleaners were designed and delivered in 1999 to ATC (BEL) and Van den Bosch (NLD). The latex cleaner circulates hot water with a cleaning detergent at relatively low pressure through the tank. This fully dissolves the latex during a short cleaning cycle.

In 2001 a fully integrated high-pressure unit was developed and introduced: the Gröninger Cleanpack. Gröninger also crossed the Eastern border. The first sale in Germany to Weigand was a fact.