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From student idea to successful business venture

During his studies, Bertalan Baskay - now owner of ATC Professional services in Budapest - considered his future and decided he wanted to do ‘something with cleaning’ aimed at a ‘cleaner world’. Following contacts with transport company Van den Bosch (NLD) all pieces of the puzzle fell together. It had to be a tank cleaning.

The tank cleaning has been in operation now for over two years. A good moment to look back with Bertalan, but especially to look ahead. Gröninger Account Manager Ferenc Methorst has been involved in the project from the start and speaks with Bertalan.

“I had the idea for a tank cleaning, but I really had no idea where to begin,” Bertalan says. “I came in contact with Gröninger Cleaning Systems in Rotterdam via internet. Clearly Gröninger showed as a company with experience and knowledge. After the first contact, many phone and teams conversations and a lot of e-mail exchanges followed. I soon came to visit Gröninger. Gröninger has helped me right from the start. This gave me a better understanding of the opportunities, possibilities and requirements.”

Confidence grew. And entrepreneurship runs in the family. Hungary is an important logistics hub between Eastern and Western Europe, also for tank and bulk transport. So on paper there was demand; now a good location and a business plan were needed. The end result of the process is a successful tank cleaning located at the Budapest ring road. “Gröninger helped me with everything. Every day I still learn. The good and constructive contact with Gröninger staff and Gröninger customers, has helped the overall development,” Bertalan adds. “During trips to Gröninger I was taken to many tank cleaning depots. I have seen a lot, had many training sessions and also was cleaning operator myself for days in succession at OTT (Den Ouden) and Stubbe. Gröninger opened doors for me.”

“But not everything went smoothly,” Bertalan explains. “Suddenly there was the hard corona lockdown. After quite some hassle with travel documents, Jurjen – installation engineer from Gröninger – traveled to Hungary. On the way he even slept in his van since hotels were closed. Typically Gröninger; they never let go of me and always kept the confidence level high. Partly due to the lockdown, Jurjen stayed here for over two months. Together we built up the system. Gröninger Software Engineers ’remotely’ carried out the commissioning. Contacts with tank cleaning managers from the Netherlands continued. Without Gröninger’s knowledge network, the progress would have been slower or perhaps I would not have been successful at all.”

The tank cleaning in Budapest consists of a food bay, a chemical bay and an IBC cleaning. There are also six steaming points. With its state-of-the-art tank cleaning, ATC clearly sets the cleaning standard in Hungary. Currently on ­average 40 tankers and 16 IBCs are cleaned per day.

A modern water treatment system has been installed in Budapest as well. Due to the many years of cooperation between Gröninger and partner Aaqua, the systems and controls connect seamlessly. There is no higher standard in wastewater treatment imaginable. In combination with the legislator the new benchmark is set. There are several influent tanks, a physical purification, biological purification and an effluent tank.

Due to the growing number of cleanings, the expansion of the wastewater treatment plant has started and there are also plans for the expansion of the cleaning. Bertalan is an entrepreneur pur sang. “I am grateful that Gröninger has helped up to where I am today.

Together with Gröninger, I will continue to work with ATC towards a cleaner world. Our collaboration has a solid foundation.” “Growing together with our customers, I can’t imagine anything better,” concludes Ferenc Methorst. “Good luck to ATC!.”

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