Milestone 6/10: Gröninger early 2000s

groninger tankcleaning takeover rotterdam

Gröninger early 2000s

Gröninger Scheepvaart & Handelsonderneming N.V. was taken over by Henk Klein and Berthold Schaap, and from then on it became Gröninger Cleaning Systems B.V.

The first steps were taken to reach other countries in addition to neighboring countries. The demand was huge, but the fulfillment was yet to come. Gröninger now really entered the international market.

Gröninger grew not only with tank cleaning, but the trade in cleaning machines also increased. More and various machines were added to the Kärcher portfolio. Sales were mainly in the Rotterdam region but expanded quickly.

The development in the field of tank cleaning went like clockwork. In 2005, Gröninger's Drypack was introduced at Stubbe. This development resulted in a better flow through shorter drying times.

In 2005 Gröninger was also involved as a partner in the construction of the first 'one-stop shopping' tank container depot by Tank Cleaning Europoort (NLD). In the middle of the port of Rotterdam, 13 hectares of dedication to (tank) containers can be found. Two chemical cleaning bays and a bay for food cleaning were started here. The basis for now Europe's largest tank container depot with no fewer than 13 cleaning bays, 50,000 cleanings per year and 28 steam points. Everything built and maintained by Gröninger.

Tank cleaning Europoort Gröninger