Old love does not rust - Van den Bosch Tema Ghana (GHA)

Van den Bosch Ghana tankcleaning Tema

Old love does not rust - Van den Bosch opens new tank cleaning with full Gröninger support

In January 2022, Van den Bosch and Amaris Terminals Ltd, jointly opened a new tank cleaning facility in Ghana. Van den Bosch has been well established in West Africa for many years and the increasing number of international customers has created the need for a modern tank cleaning.

Van den Bosch has been a Gröninger customer for decades. With the closures and sales of cleaning facilities in the Netherlands and Belgium, there was ‘radio silence‘ for a while. The new tank cleaning in Tema, Ghana, is changing that. The tank cleaning technology is built in a 40ft container and is able to feed two cleaning bays where food trucks and ISO tank containers are rinsed, steamed and dried.

The cleaning technology has been developed in accordance with the latest European quality standards for foodstuffs, as well as Kosher and Halal protocols. With Abidjan in Ivory Coast, Van den Bosch already has a second cleaning location in mind to further strengthen its logistics network in West Africa. With that aim the former Tema system is currently at the Gröninger plant in Rotterdam for refurbishments. Gröninger is happy to be able to again support Van den Bosch in their business development in Africa.

Ghana Van den Bosch tankcleaning