Cleaning with demineralised water - VWR (BEL)


Heating water using electricity might be the environmental friendly way forward.

Heating cold water for cleaning can be done by using energy sources like steam, gas, diesel and electricity.

The latter is not new, but is seen a promising approach for the future. Today’s discussions on fossil fuels and the need for renewable energy promotes electricity as an interesting alternative, since electricity can be generated by solar, wind and water energy systems.

Gröninger supplied a pump unit to a Belgium pharma customer VWR to clean IBC containers using hot demineralised water. The facility itself supplies cold demineralised water for the unit which is heated to 60°C using electrical heating elements. For this purpose a water buffer tank has been equipped with 4x 12 kW electrical elements.

IBC cleaning is usually done with a rotor jet using 20 litres of water per minute. The pump unit is PLC equipped to execute automated washing programs. A standard washing program takes 5 minutes. The energy cost per program can be calculated to about € 1 per cleaning.

Using electricity can be very interesting for companies that use solar panels, heat boilers or wind systems to generate electricity in-house.

For Gröninger energy savings or renewable energy projects are a key area of interest and experience. Gröninger is keen to discuss any possibilities to help customers to reduce their CO2 footprint and to position themselves as companies that take environmental and sustainability matters seriously.