New tank cleaning facility in Spain – Zaragoza (ESP)

Tank Cleaning in Zaragoza

Joint venture Lavadero Global-TALKE opens new tank cleaning facility.

In 2016 Global-TALKE decided to expand their activities with a new tank cleaning facility in Zaragoza. This was done in collaboration with Gröninger Cleaning Systems. The objective was to be an all-in-one service provider for the food and chemical transport sector. The cleaning station was designed for cleaning of road tankers, ISO tank containers and swap bodies.

The new facility has two food cleaning bays, fully separated from a chemical cleaning bay. All bays are ready for automated cold and hot water cleaning and sterilisation. The bays are equipped with a SGF-accredited Cleaning Guard system for continuous logging of the cleaning data. This information can be printed and visualised on a Cleaning Guard validation sheet.

All bays are equipped with a hot air dryer system in order to leave the silos, road tankers and ISO tanks perfectly dry after cleaning. On the outside of the building two temperature controlled heating points are available for the heating of loaded tanks or for keeping cargo at pre-set temperatures overnight or during weekends.

Since people’s safety and environmental matters are top priority for Global-TALKE, the company has paid a lot of attention to the design of the wastewater treatment plant and special utilities (fall protection, operator booth, etc.) on the cleaning bays.