Added services with a tank cleaning facility for the Israeli market - Ashod (ISR)

Gold Bond in Rotterdam for FAT

A new tank cleaning facility to offer an even better service level to its customers.

The Gold Bond Group specializes in storage and handling ser¬vices and operates a container and cargo terminal in Israel. The company focuses on the handling of hazardous material cargo. In order to offer an even better service level to its customers, Gold Bond decided to set up a tank cleaning facility in Ashdod.

After fact finding missions in Europe, Gold Bond selected Gröninger as the preferred supplier for the cleaning equipment. The equipment and steam boiler were built into a box container converted into a technical room. This allows Gold Bond to not only clean tanks but also to offer tank container heating solu¬tions. The handover of the system took place in Rotterdam. Being new in the business, the Gold Bond team was thoroughly trained by Gröninger staff to operate the system.

In addition to the supply of technical equipment, Gröninger (in cooperation with Cindax) was also contracted for “Support Beyond Cleaning” by providing information on how to clean cer-tain products. This allows Gold Bond to offer very professional services right from the start.