Modern Food Tank Cleaning at MTR - Mannheim (DEU)

Modern tank cleaning

Modern cleaning of ISO food tank and road tankers.

In December 2016 food cleaning operations at MTR in Mannheim became operational. This new and efficient cleaning facility enables MTR to clean food road tankers and ISO tank containers to the highest quality standards.

In 1969 MTR was founded by Dietrich Ehrhardt and has since developed to become an expert in the field of tanker and tank cleaning for the chemical and food industries. Since 2004 the company has been headed by Jost and Martina Ehrhardt. With this completely new food tank cleaning plant MTR will be able to respond to the growing demand for food cleaning. The new cleaning depot is just steps away from the old cleaning location which is now the only place where tanks and tankers are being cleaned with chemicals as previous cargo.

Two tanks cleaned simultaneously

The cleaning equipment was chosen on the basis of many years of experience in the cleaning industry for both MTR and Gröninger. The result of this close relationship between all parties has delivered a modern and efficient plant in which two food trucks can be cleaned simultaneously.Rinsing water is collected, cooled down and treated so that it can be discharged into the sewer system. The energy relased during the cooling process is used again for heating of the rinsing water.

Automatic dosage and control

By making use of (100 bar) high pressure pumps even the most stubborn product residues can be cleaned consistent with the required quality standards. The product residues are able to be removed through access to unique wash programs which determine the appropriate temperatures and the dosage of chemicals. Various sensors monitor the cleaning process and the complete wash cycle can be electronically documented for audit purposes.