Cleaning the right way at Nestlé Caillier - Broc (CHE)

Foods safety is number one.

Switzerland is a country of mountains, chocolate and Gröninger Cleaning Systems.

The first things that comes to mind when the word Switzerland is mentioned are mountains and…chocolate. Maison Caillier is Switzerland’s oldest chocolate brand and is still in existence.

In 1818 François-Louis Cailler opened a grocery store in Vevey where also chocolate was sold. Starting in 1820 factory space was created in order to produce chocolate on a larger scale. Since than the Caillier brand has developed and flourished. In 1929 the brand merged into what is now one of the largest global food companies, Nestlé.

Nestlé’s Caillier production facility in Broc (CH) operates according to the highest standards when it comes to product quality, manufacturing operations and food safety. In the plant many mobile stainless steel storage and production containers are in use. These containers have to be kept clean at all times. Gröninger was selected to provide a high quality cleaning system that functions according to validated cleaning procedures. Gröninger’s references at other chocolate factories in Switzerland were a decisive factor in Caillier’s decision making. The system design consists of a CleanPack with integrated water buffer tank, high pressure pump, control cabinet, PLC and touch panel to manage integrated wash programs. Gröninger cleaning logging software stores data after every cleaning. The system offers an alkaline and disinfectant dosing. All hardware has food grade stainless steel cover panels. The interior cleaning of containers is done with a rotor jet. A separate high pressure pump feeds a spray gun for exterior cleaning

The system was built in Rotterdam and prepared for plug-and-play installation in Broc. As a result no cleaning time was lost between replacing the old system and installing the new Gröninger unit.