Milestone 7/10: Gröninger further progress from 2010

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Further progress from 2010

Satisfied customers, more knowledge and a stable base in Europe and several projects just across the border; resulted in the first projects outside Europe. Projects were completed in Africa, Asia, but also in America.

Things went so well that in 2011, our subsidiary Gröninger Asia Pte, Ltd. was founded. This year we've built also the first tank cleaning project in Asia, Saigon Newport.

Tank cleaning pioneer Ralph Gröninger passed away in 2011, a great loss but to this day he still has left a mark in the tank cleaning world.

In 2013, we appointed an agent in India for our sales there, thus creating a partnership with Amfico.

Sales of professional cleaning equipment also grew this year, with major brand names such as Dynajet and Nilfisk being added to our sales portfolio. In addition, we developed and introduced a Minipack ourselves in hot, cold and trailer configuration.

Cleaning Guard was introduced in 2014 as a further development and replacement for Mainpro TRS. Gröninger has been a leader for decades with this quality assurance and validation system for tank cleaning. After a longer period of testing and optimisation, the use of hot-fed plunger pumps also became commonplace in Gröninger installations.

In 2015 we moved from Schiedam to Rotterdam, with a team of now 60 colleagues, a larger range and a larger market, we also needed a larger building.