Fullt refurbished tank cleaning for Hela/Lanfer - Hamm (DEU)

System for steaming tanks.

State-of-the-art systems for well known German Trasport company.

Lanfer Logistik offer chemical and food transport services and they are also active in the tank cleaning business. The company has tank cleaning facilities at its headquarters in Meppen, but also operates facilities in Frankenthal, Salzbergen und Hamm, all under the name of “HeLa Tankwagenreinigung”.

In 2016 Gröninger received an order to completely modernise the tank cleaning plant in Hamm. This turn-key project at Hela/Lanfer included not only the cleaning systems but also the steam boiler, air purification and waste water treatment systems. The two new cleaning bays have 5 rotor jets each and are designed to clean road tankers and ISO tank containers. For the interior and exterior cleaning of IBCs a separate cleaning bay was established.

With the new facilities HeLa is fully equipped to clean tanks in a very efficient and effective way, while also keeping an eye on environmental issues. Modern, intelligent technology enables recovery of heat from the waste water and also the boiler exhaust gases. Pressure and temperature of the cleaning water can be selected based on the product residue and level of contamination in the tank. This guarantees the optimum wash program is selected for the cleaning process.

The waste water is collected, buffered and circulated to create a homogenous mixture. After the heat has been recovered the waste water is further cleaned using Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) technology. The waste water is than suitable for discharging in the communal waste water system. Sediment from the waste water is de-watered using a centrifuge, before shipment to an external incineration plant.

Steam from the new boiler, allows tanks to be both cleaned and heated. This can be done using either hot water or direct steam. In addition strict temperature control ensures the right heating operations at night and over weekends.