Ieperse Truckwash moves into tank cleaning - Ieper (BEL)

Aerial view of the new complex

Family owned company in West-Flanders moves forward.

Unfortunately the Belgian Ieper is known for being at the centre point of a battle in World War 1. But 100 years later this West Flanders town is home to many of Belgium’s backbone SMEs, such as Ieperse Truckwash. Founded in 2004 the company concentrated on truck washing, i.e. outside cleaning. The combination of the search for quality and an unrivalled entrepreneurial drive soon led to capacity challenges. Whilst preparing the hand-over to a new generation this family owned company decided to take a leap forward and move to a new location, which would offer both truck washing and tank cleaning.

A planning team was formed consisting of long-term regional partners and Gröninger. Civil works started in August 2016 and in record time a high-end one-stop-shop cleaning facility was built.

Ieperse Truckwash now has six truck wash bays and two tank cleaning bays with a full blown waste water treatment plant. The tank cleaning bays are each equipped with six rotor jets to either clean road tankers or ISO tank containers. Operating at 100 bar and equipped with steaming points the tank cleaning bays are ideally suited for high-end food cleanings.

Future expansion has been taken into account in the design of the site. Within six months after the initial decision was taken, the first cleaning took place at the new location, showing the enthusiasm of this dynamic company. Gröninger is convinced that Ieperse Truckwash will be successful at its new location as it sets new cleaning standards in the West Flanders region.