Charlotte Keizerwaard

Milestone 9/10: Gröninger celebrates in 2022

Whoever celebrates its birthday, should treat ;). This year, we are celebrating our 75th anniversary, a number to be proud of. We expressed this in and around our office in Rotterdam, but we also paid a lot of attention to this jubilee year online. No one could have missed it.

Milestone 8/10: Gröninger Global developments from 2018

In 2018 was the establishment of the Joint Venture Groninger (Shanghai) Cleaning Technology Co.Ltd. in China. In 2018 was also the established Joint Venture Groninger Cleaning Systems Inc. (Director, Garth Belue) in Houston, Quala became the first US customer. Despite the restrictions in 2020, a new branch was opened in Worms (Germany).

New container cleaning system for sauces - Elite Neede (NLD)

Elite uses 1,000-liter stainless steel sauce containers. These containers are returned empty but rather contaminated. Previously these containers were cleaned manually. Elite wanted to modernize and automate this process. Gröninger was awarded the project of designing and building a new container cleaning system.

Old love does not rust - Van den Bosch Tema Ghana (GHA)

In January 2022, Van den Bosch and Amaris Terminals Ltd, jointly opened a new tank cleaning facility in Ghana. Van den Bosch has been well established in West Africa for many years and the increasing number of international customers has created the need for a modern tank cleaning.

Milestone 6/10: Gröninger early 2000s

Gröninger Scheepvaart & Handelsonderneming N.V. was taken over by Henk Klein and Berthold Schaap, and from then on it became Gröninger Cleaning Systems B.V. The first steps were taken to the international market.

Milestone 5/10: Gröninger the eighties to early 2000s

The technical backbone of Gröninger's current cleaning systems has been formed in the seventies. In the eighties there was a fast growth in sales of cleaning systems in numerous applications within the Benelux: tank cleaning, barrel cleaning, IBC cleaning, in-plant cleaning, truck wash, spray gun systems, chassis cleaning etc.