Professional cleaning at Van Vliet - Nieuwegein (NLD)

ASP reiniger in aanbouw

More and more Shanks subsidiaries select Gröninger Cleaning Systems as partner.

The Van Vliet Groep is a leading waste management company in the Netherlands and part of the multinational Shanks group. In March 2017 Gröninger commissioned a brand new container cleaning system for a wide range of small containers.

One of the Van Vliet collection depots for various waste materials is located in Nieuwegein in the centre of the Netherlands. After emptying the various containers Van Vliet is now equipped to clean these containers in three new washing bays. Before Van Vliet did not carry out any cleanings. This meant that the containers had to be replaced frequently at relatively high cost. The new environmentally friendly system is using 100% rainwater collected from the roof of the Van Vliet facilities.

Gröninger provided:

  • a Drum Cleaning Station
  • a ASP/Wheelie Bin Cleaning Station
  • an Extra-Large (XL) Cleaning Booth

The stations are equipped with automatic washing programs. In the Cleaning Booth all kinds of items are cleaned using a high pressure gun. The system works with high pressure, hot water and cleaning detergents. Gröninger has supplied many Shank subsidiaries with equipment. Van Vliet is the latest addition and proud operator of a top class cleaning facility.