IBC cleaning line in new factory - Werkendam (NLD)

IBC cleaning line

Oiltrade B.V. started twelve years ago with the supply of various types of vegetable oils, organic oils and compounded oils and fats. The company serves various sectors and is growing rapidly.


In 2020, Oiltrade gave the starting shot for the construction of a new factory in Werkendam. The factory will be commissioned during May 2021. In addition to new production and packaging lines, a completely new IBC cleaning line has been built. Oiltrade uses its own IBCs to transport the end product to the customers. The IBCs are returned after use and must then be cleaned in a professional way.

In consultation with Oiltrade, Gröninger has developed a system where three IBCs can be cleaned and dried simultaneously. The system uses various automatic programs. In order to be refilled with end product the cleaning process of the IBCs is 100% validated.


As is becoming more common, the system is equipped with a remote access option. The Gröninger service team in the control room in Rotterdam can remotely monitor and take over the system if ­necessary.