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Technical Systems
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Advice & Feasibility

Business modelling, feasibility studies and financial analysis
Before the technical modelling phase can begin, a feasibility study must often be carried out. Gröninger has developed an extensive model that takes into account investments, cleaning volumes, variations on cleaning programs, variable costs (steam, water, energy and chemicals). Many companies do their own studies for new project opportunities. Others rely on third parties. In both cases, Gröninger is a useful link for validation or for an initial analysis.

Quick scan existing systems
For existing systems where renovation or expansion is being considered, Gröninger can perform a quick scan. In doing so, attention is paid to numerous aspects: the current state of technology, the payback period of the renovation, the current legal requirements, ergonomics, improvement of logistics flows, etc. Gröninger provides a report with a budget related to the project scope.

Wastewater and air emission check
Part of the (existing) system scan is a wastewater and air emission check. Older systems are often built at a time when the environmental requirements were rather limited. For new projects, environmental requirements based on the latest available technology must be met. Gröninger clearly maps out the requirements.

Sustainability options
All cleaning processes consume energy, water and consumables like chemicals. The source of energy differs from country to country. However, in all cases issues like the CO2 footprint, corporate sustainability polices, cost and availability of energy sources, economical use of energy and water, require serious attention. The decisions in these areas have long-term impact, and deserve a thorough analysis in the project development phase.

Civil Engineering

Concept site layouts & designs
For the development of new sites, many different aspects need to be taken into consideration, like operations, logistics and engineering. Based on many years of experience Gröninger experts are fully equipped to support clients to develop new site layouts. In the initial phase, many different existing site layouts are presented as references. All the pros and cons are discussed with the development of the new site in mind. When a basic site layout is selected a thorough analysis is performed which results in a concept site layout. This site layout can be used in discussion with authorities and other contractors for civil engineering and forms the basis for the new project.

Tank container depots perform many different functions: cleaning, repair, storage, handling, transportation, heating, etc. These specific functions add complexity to the site layout. In recent decades, Gröninger has developed many depots in close cooperation with global customers. This has resulted in an impressive experience and knowledge base, which is available for use in the development of new tank container depots.

Detailed engineering
Gröninger takes care of the design of the installations 100% in-house. This includes process engineering, mechanical engineering aspects (2D and 3D), electrical engineering and control engineering. A highly qualified and experienced staff ensures that the systems are worked out in great detail.

Analysis of utilities and capacities required
The design parameters are crucial to meet existing and expected long-term capacity requirements. This analysis considers the available and expected new technology and the design parameters for cleaning equipment, wastewater treatment plants and air purification plants.

Assistance with local authority approvals
Cooperation and communication with local authorities is the key to successful project development. Authorities request specific input for environmental and civil construction permits. The level of complexity and the specific requirements differ from country to country and from project to project. In any situation, the Gröninger experience and knowledge will be available in order to facilitate the whole permit application process.

Technical Systems Tank cleaning systems

On the page Tank cleaning systems (Click Here) the ins and outs of the systems supplied by Gröninger are discussed in detail.

Technical Systems Food/Non-food cleaning systems

On the page Food/Non-food cleaning systems (Click Here) the ins and outs of the systems supplied by Gröninger are discussed in detail.

Service & Parts

Supply of spare parts and consumable parts
Gröninger operates a large central spare parts warehouse in Rotterdam. From here, parts are shipped all over the world through international courier services. Gröninger arranges at cost all shipping and customs documentation to ensure a smooth delivery process. For consumables like filters, high-pressure hoses, spray guns, repair kits, gaskets, etc. Gröninger keeps many of these items in stock. Gröninger recently introduced a customer portal offering direct access to a selection of spare parts and consumables including an easy to order system for customer specific equipment.

Supply of cleaning detergents and chemicals
Gröninger supplies the most suitable cleaning chemicals / detergents that are available which are on one hand are safe to use with customer specific equipment and at the same time providing the best possible cleaning results in the most economical way.

Support Beyond Cleaning: technical
From the Gröninger control room in the Rotterdam HQ the company offers remote support services. In over 90% of the cases Gröninger staff are able to solve operational or technical problems by remote support using mail/phone/ skype/video.

Online monitoring
If required remote on-line monitoring (faultfinding and implementation of solutions) can take place, using tools like Tosi box, box-pc, and internet access and for older systems modem access through an analogue line. These tools can also be used for software updates.

On-site presence
If problems cannot be (temporarily) resolved remotely, Gröninger organises on-site visits of skilled engineers to resolve any issues.

Online customer portal
A very important element in this module is a custom-built service portal, through which customers have access to a spare parts/consumables ordering system. This browser based service portal also offers easy access to the latest information on the installed systems, like:

  • P&ID drawings
  • Electrical schemes
  • Exploded view items
  • Technical documentation
  • Manuals / Service checklists

Support Beyond Cleaning: operational

Gröninger carries out in-depth analyses of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and translates this data into information that guarantees correct operations and strict procedures that guarantee the bets cleaning method. This service is performed in cooperation with Cindax.

Cleaning program advice and creation
Gröninger systems are PLC operated which allows for the implementation of different wash programs to meet specific cleaning requirements for food, non-food and chemicals from clients / shippers. Gröninger has internal expertise and has access to external sources to develop customer specific cleaning programs. Gröninger has developed an in-house software package called Cleaning Guard which goes a step further and allows for cleaning validation through a system that combines hardware and software tools to monitor cleaning processes.

MSDS analysis for wastewater treatment
Gröninger carries out in-depth analyses of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and translates this data into information that guarantees a correct wastewater treatment method. This service is performed in cooperation with Cindax and AAQUA.

Certification and Training

Monthly reporting
Gröninger develops and implements management reports of cleaning operations, which uses PLC data in accessible and easy to interpret reports. These reports are custom-built and can include performance, repair status, maintenance intervals, environment, consumption data of resources (water, chemicals, energy, etc.)

Depot and equipment audits
Gröninger staff are available to support in preparation for and when relevant during audits. In many countries, SQAS audits are required. Many shippers / food companies perform annual food safety audits. In all cases the Gröninger experience and knowledge is a valuable resource for smooth and successful auditing processes.

Cleaning Guard
Cleaning Guard Software is developed to monitor and validate cleaning operations with respect to quality, food safety and operational efficiency.

Training cleaning and wastewater treatment equipment
Gröninger training programs are custom-made to suit particular needs. Focus can be on maintenance, faultfinding, cleaning operations or correct use of chemicals, equipment and consumables.

Gröninger advises which procedures and methods to follow in order to perform safe, economical and effective cleaning operations for specific previously carried cargo residues.

Temporary personnel supply on-site
The most extensive form of support is the supply of on-site personnel in varying roles and for different time durations. This form of support is very useful in start-up operations of new business activities where technical knowledge needs to be developed. Gröninger selects and proposes the required staff from a pool of internal and external experts. Rates are dependent on specific customer requirements.

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