Cleaning equipment

Gröninger Cleaning Systems supplies ready-to-use, professional cleaning machines, parts and accessories from brands such as Dynajet, Nilfisk, Viper and Kärcher.


  • Provides the Dutch and Belgian B2B market from Rotterdam.
  • Advises brand independent and draws on the best possible customer solution from the total package of only top manufacturers: Nilfisk, Dynajet, Kärcher and Gröninger.
  • Delivers custom work where the machines selected for the customer are precisely inserted or adjusted for an optimal and effective cleaning process by using. peripheral equipment, piping, cleaning agents and accessories, etc.
  • Offers service and support during the entire product life cycle with our own skilled technicians, also on location.
  • Has experience and expertise in the field of countless cleaning processes.

Gröninger Cleaning System has more than 70 years of experience with professional cleaning equipment. Applications include:

  • High pressure cleaning (100-2800 bar)
  • Floorcare (scrubbing and sweeping)
  • Vacuuming
  • Steam cleaning

In addition, Gröninger has developed the Minipack line under its own label, consisting of a cold water high pressure cleaner, two variants of hot water high pressure cleaners and the high pressure trailer. These machines are what people call "stupid proof"; robust, effective, industrial and very easy to use.

At Gröninger Cleaning Systems, service, maintenance and the provision of parts for cleaning equipment is also in good hands. This is based on a combination of knowledge and experience with a service-oriented attitude.

  • Gröninger is VCA * certified; an extra guarantee for good and safe work.
  • Gröninger also a member of the Industrial Cleaning Foundation (SIR).
  • Gröninger's service, maintenance and parts provision aims to achieve the optimum economic life, maximum operational technical reliability (up-time), cost control, budget control and efficiency and effectiveness of the cleaning process.
  • The possibilities are endless: maintenance contracts, service-based service, preventive service, full service.
  • Parts and accessories are in stock from our own warehouse and / or quickly available through our suppliers.
  • Short response time in the event of malfunctions.
  • Consistent planning of (preventive) maintenance.

For detailed information about cleaning equipment, we refer you to the Gröninger webshop.

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