Vado Tank Cleaning’s new site in Italy - Vado (ITA)

Stolt Vado fully operational

Stolt Tank Containers and Marenzana Spa combine years of experience in the tank container and intermodal transport business.

Vado Tank Cleaning recently opened a new facility located in the north of Italy, next to the “under construction” APM Terminal in Vado Ligure (Savona). The site is able to clean, heat, store, maintain and test ISO Tank Containers and swap bodies tanks.

In this joint venture depot, Stolt Tank Containers and Marenzana Spa combine years of experience in the tank container and intermodal transport business in one depot that is designed to work as efficiently and safely as possible, raising the bar for tank cleaning in Northern Italy.

The design of the new depot was based on the layout and features of the Stolt Tank Containers Depot in Moerdijk (the Netherlands), which has been operating successfully for the last three years and was also constructed by Gröninger. The depot not only allows for high quality cleaning, but its heating facilities also make it possible to heat tanks 24/7. Tank temperatures are monitored continuously to guarantee a safe heating procedure.

With Marenzana’s experience in the trucking business of bulk liquid chemicals throughout Europe, Vado Tank Cleaning was able to optimise their procedures with the ambition to get trucks in and out as quickly as possible, taking into account that time is valuable for their customers.

The cleaning equipment has been designed and supplied by Gröninger. Box containers are transformed to house all equipment and form the heart of the new cleaning facility. A multi-purpose design allowed Vado Tank Cleaning to clean trucks and containers at the same time on one bay leading to a significant increase in cleaning capacity and quick turnaround times.

Vado Tank Cleaning is committed to ensure Safety for people and the environment, which is why a significant amount of thought also went into the waste water and air treatment procedures. The water treatment plan is identical to the one that is used in Moerdijk, keeping strict standards for the effluent liquids that are discharged to ensure impact on the environment is minimised. Moreover, Vado Tank Cleaning treat air emissions directly from inside the tank with a high performance air scrubber and activated carbon filters, to guarantee the best air quality for the local population and the company’s workers.