Tank cleaning runs in the family - BTR (DEU)

Location Bernburg

In the summer of 2017 BTR GmbH opened a brand new tank cleaning facility at a strategic location near the German A14 highway. BTR already operates a site in Ludwigsfelde and now has a flagship facility in Bernburg. Father and son Toben are the proud owners and managers of the site.

Based on over 25 years of market experience the Tobens set out very specific design parameters for the tank cleaning facility. This led to a multi-functional three bay cleaning facility to be used for chemical and food cleaning. The system operates at 100 bar, recovers heat from the waste water stream and has an ultra-modern air purification system.

Gröninger, as system integrator, was challenged to meet the latest standards of steam boiler technology and ATEX requirements. The Toben-Gröninger team proved to be very successful which led to the completion of an efficient, well organised facility that will meet the tank cleaning needs in a rapidly growing region of Germany.