Renovation tank cleaning Klaeser - Hamburg (DEU)

Tank cleaning Klaeser germany

Tanks will be cleaned according to the latest industry standards.

Klaeser operates hundreds of tank trucks and containers from various locations in Germany. Tank cleaning services are offered in Herten, Hamburg and Ludwigshafen. After thorough analysis, the company decided it was time to renovate and upgrade the Hamburg cleaning facility.

After commissioning a market survey, Klaeser decided to select Gröninger for the job. The plan was to keep the down time of the facility to a minimum. This challenge required proper preparation with the main challenges being the existing building structure and the complete renewal of the control panels and cabling.

The first challenge tackled was to prefabricate as much as possible on a skid. These skid based units could be positioned and commissioned quickly. As Klaeser cleans a lot of latex tanks, the installation of a stand-alone latex cleaning unit was a no-brainer. The pre-planning enabled all piping and electrical cabling has been completed in record time.

This project showed that challenges when faced head-on can be overcome when two companies strive to a common goal. Flexibility and good cooperation were the key that led to a new tank cleaning system, enabling Klaeser to clean their tanks to the latest industry standards.

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