New tank cleaning facility in India – Surat (IND)

Tank cleaning in India

Bayarea is run by Captain Navjit Singh Grewal and his son Inderneil Grewal. By installing a state of the art Gröninger cleaning system, Bayarea has become India’s leading tank container service provider.

The cleaning facility is located in the city of Surat in the Gujarat province. Tank containers can be cleaned on four static tank container positions. A fifth drive-through bay is dedicated for cleaning road tankers. Two tanks can be cleaned at the same time. Multiple rotor jets per bay ensure a fast turnaround time for containers and tankers. After cleaning, a Gröninger Drypack makes sure there is no moisture left over so the container can be shipped and loaded immediately.

The cleaning equipment is prefabricated in a 20FT equipment container. This allowed us to reduce the local installation time. Apart from the actual installation, the Gröninger engineer put a lot of effort in training the cleaners how to operate and maintain the system.

Standard cleaning procedures for various residuals are stored in the PLC. By selecting the programm, the tank is being cleaned automatically.