Colac Bvba opens new production plant - Beerse (BEL)

Colac food containers

Colac is manufacturer of ice cream powders, sugar free dessert sauces and organic fruit preparations. The company recently opened a new production plant to increase both production output and service levels for its customers.

Increased production figures required more stainless steel food containers to be cleaned. The company contracted Gröninger for a modern food container cleaning system. Colac and Gröninger jointly designed a new cleaning area where container logistics and container cleaning have been able to be fully aligned and integrated.

The Gröninger food approved CleanPack combines a system with high and low pressure pumps and fully automated process flows. Validated washing programs are based on Colac’s product range. The system is easy to operate and is built according to the highest ergonomic standards. The result is an extremely high quality cleaning zone where all process data is logged via the PLC to secure a complete cleaning history per container in the supply chain.